5 Steps For A Positive Self Image

A self-image is a personal view we have of ourselves. It is an ever-changing understanding of our strengths and weaknesses as perceived by us. These images can be positive or negative, reflecting how much we know about ourselves. Having a positive self-image is the basis of living happily. It goes beyond looking great in the mirror- it is about feeling good about yourself.

Self image mirror

Some days won’t be as good as others, and our self-image may take a beating, but this is when having a positive outlook on ourselves matter the most. It gives us the energy to get back up and try again to pursue our dreams and passions.

Fine-tune the understanding of a positive self-image with these 5 rules-

Acknowledge your efforts.

Ever achieve a goal but think it is all because of good luck or that the gods were blessing you then? That is a sign of not acknowledging your hard work put into attaining that goal. Notice your efforts and pat yourself on the back when you think you have given a task your all. Everyone with positive self-image practices this rule. Thanking yourself, gifting something to yourself, and treating yourself to your favorite activities and places are some of the small ways in which you can reward your grind.

Live in the present.

People with a positive self-image live in the present. The past is gone and nothing can be changed. The future is coming but remains unpredictable. The present is a fleeting moment of now. Focus on the now and be in the moment. It is in this way you will also find out how much you know about yourself. Chit-chat that is thought-provoking can lead you to form opinions about various subjects and help you back up your thought process. This will help you know yourself better and better your self-image.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present.”

Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda.

Be kind to yourself.

Being kind to yourself is never a bad idea. Take breaks when necessary, take time off from everything, and do what you want. Don’t beat yourself up over things that you cannot control. Kindness comes to you easily for others but not for yourself. Taking care of yourself is a ground-level practice to follow for a better, healthier life. When you are well taken care of, optimistic thoughts will come your way, and you will be kinder to others in the process as well. It will be tough to be kind, but it will be for the better.


Be grateful.

When you start noting what you are thankful for, you realise how blessed you are. It improves your outlook on life and yourself. It makes you value not only your efforts but others’ hard work as well. You learn to respect people and this, in turn, helps you gain self-respect. Being grateful changes your perception of many things, helping you be closer to your best version. Little ‘thank yous’ and acts of kindness for the people you are grateful for will guide you to feel better about yourself.

grateful positive self image

Perfection is an illusion.

Perfectionism is a concept that rises from critical self-evaluation. It elucidates the fact that you are constantly monitoring your actions and thoughts for the flawless execution of tasks at hand. But it needs to be understood that perfection is a subjective concept. One’s meaning of perfect will be different from the other. Persistently supervising yourself can lead to an unnecessary build-up of stress and cause you to doubt yourself. Let yourself off the hook and focus on realistic goals that make you a better person. If your expectations are set high, you might be disappointed when the results are different. 

These are some rules followed by those confident people with a positive self-image. Remember that comparing yourself to others will also cause you to have self-doubt. Practicing the art of letting go will relieve you of the useless weight you might be carrying around. The 5 mentioned ways will aid you in forming the correct perception of yourself. 

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