7 positive parenting tips

Parenting is a process of raising children with comfort, care, and protection that ensures their healthy development into adulthood. There is the involvement of physical, emotional, social, and intellectual support. It refers to the intricacies of raising children, which is not limited to a biological relationship. There are different styles of parenting. Choosing a style of parenting shapes your child mentally, giving them character and nuances that either help them form better relations with people and excel at studies or worsen their behaviors and attitudes.

kind parenting

Positive parenting is an approach of raising kids that focuses on the good points of behavior. The foundation of this manner is that there are no bad children, only good or bad behaviors. The aim is to teach good behavior through kind and firm parenting.

Here are some effective ways of using the positive parenting approach.

1. The reason behind behaviors.

There is always a reason behind the actions and attitudes of your young ones. Try to understand why they are being the way they are and read between the lines. It might seem like a silly, small reason to us, and we might dismiss it but it might not be that small a deal for your child. If parents can address the cause directly, even if it is not all that the child was expecting, they will feel their needs acknowledged. When needs are acknowledged, the child gains the strength to let go and move on without misbehaving.

2. Be kind but firm.

Children learn by imitating others. As parents, you are their primary role model. Be kind to them to instill a sense of kindness and respect for others. When parents lash out when they are upset, it also teaches the child that that is the normal way of dealing with such feelings. It is how they will dish out their disappointing emotions too. Being kind helps children calm down, cooperate with you, and learn to handle their emotions with composure.

3. Being kind is not giving in.

Many parents think showing kindness is equal to indulging their children and pampering them too much. It is a misconception. Teaching your children what they can and can’t do is good but should be done appropriately. It should reflect kindness and firmness. Let your children understand that if a proper conversation is to take place, it should be done with composure and empathy. Screaming and shouting for their demands to be met will not get them anywhere.

4. Clarity and consistency.

Explain the consequences of violating limits set by you to your children in a clear way. Be consistent on your promises and follow them through. Not being consistent will lead to confusion and create a space for your child to frequently challenge the limits set to see what happens next.

5. Age-appropriate behaviour.

What may seem like misbehaviour to you, might be age-appropriate behaviour for your child. You need to understand that these kids are growing and will start to express themselves in a better way once they can grasp how. For example, tantrums in young ones are a given. It is because they do not know how to express their emotions properly yet. The part of the brain that helps in regulating feelings might not be as developed to organise them efficiently.

age appropriate behavior

6. Starting early.

Positive parenting can start as early as when the baby is a newborn. Attending and acknowledging your child’s cues start to make an impression on their minds. Be the person you should want your kid to be. Children pick up traits from their parents or those who surround them. The way you behave will reflect the way your child behaves. Happy kids are not born like that, they are nurtured into being one.


7. Patience.

Everything takes time. The results you want to see when you use this style of parenting will surface when the time comes. Be consistent in your efforts of encouraging and teaching your child good manners and behaviour that will eventually make them the person they will be. Being patient to know the results of your effort is never a bad idea.

Basic and proper communication will help you make changes in your parenting style as you find out what traits your child picks up. Learn to understand them and make sure to try your best to give your child a happy childhood that helps them develop their personality in the most beautiful way.

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