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transforming your parenting journey

For more than ten years, Sunitaa has been developing and teaching the tools, mindsets and strategies that have helped more than 100+ parents across South India. She’s helped them stop yelling, and start living the life they imagined. She’s taught skills to raise capable, independent, resilient and respectful children, WITHOUT raised voices or giving in to guilt.

Some of the challenges in raising children are strongly related to the parenting model the parents received from their own parents. Most of the time, this relationship included beliefs that are unhealthy, irrelevant and unsuitable 20 to 30 years after they were introduced. Imagine you are using an old map to find your way in a city. Things have moved on and it is tough navigating that way.

Sunitaa works with families who want to learn proven, research-tested methods for effectively navigating the everyday challenges of life with children. She is passionate about helping everyday moms and dads be mindful, loving and effective parents.

Sunitaa’s style of parent coaching is practical and solution-focused. You can expect to receive clear and action-oriented tools and techniques that you can use immediately.


Learn how to get your children to cooperate

Work with me and get the guidance and proven tools & techniques to transform your parenting journey and change your life.