Transform your
Parenting Journey.

Sunitaa conducts Coaching face to face or by phone or video call and give you an action plan to bring the order and calm you desire. No matter how chaotic things feel right now, you will see improvement after the very first call. Whether you schedule one coaching call or multiple sessions, Sunitaa can help you fix the most frustrating parenting struggles…:

Morning routines – Kids that dawdle and struggle to get out the door on time.
Bedtime and Sleep issues – Do you battle to get them in to bed and to stay there all night long?
Back Talk – A common problem but you don’t have to live with it.
Not Listening – Are you tired of repeating and reminding?
Power Struggles – Why is everything a battle?
Sibling Rivlary – Do you feel like a referee most of the time?
Entitlement Epidemic – Do your kids feel a sense of entitlement?
Tantrums – Toddler to teen…learn to tame the tantrums.
Whining – Wean them off the whining for good…and so much more.