The focus of parent coaching is as it sounds:  to give you, the parent, the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your parenting goals.   

One aspect of parent coaching typically focuses on helping parents minimize problematic behaviors, and cultivate pro-social, constructive behavior in their children.  

Coaching focuses on teaching parents how to foster happiness, confidence, empathy, patience, and self-reliance in their children, such as

  • How to help kids deal with stress and disappointment
  • How to help kids develop self-discipline (to do things they don’t want to do, but need to be done)
  • How to praise kids in ways that don’t inadvertently hinder creativity or achievement
  • How to cultivate “happiness habits” in your family (happiness is largely a habit and a skill)

Sunitaa works with families who want to learn proven, research-tested methods for effectively navigating the everyday challenges of life with children. She is passionate about helping everyday moms and dads be mindful, loving and effective parents.

Sunitaa’s style of parent coaching is practical and solution-focused. You can expect to receive clear and action-oriented tools and techniques that you can use immediately.

Learn how to get your children to cooperate

Work with me and get the guidance, proven tools & techniques to transform your parenting journey and change your life.


If you are a mother and looking at taking your parenting to the next level then...This workshop is for you.
For Mothers
Who want to move from Chaos to cooperation, Tantrums to Triumphs, Confusion to Clarity become a Win-win family. Dont miss this
For Parent
Helping you build social and emotional competencies to enhance personality, resiliency, confidence and character.
For Teens

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