Parenting Education – A Necessity

A parent – child relationship is perhaps the most fundamental natural association between humans in our world. Apropos this, is it possible for us to create a smooth fruitful journey for both? Especially given the fact that society and its behaviour has changed radically in the last decade and has become complicated further by the ever increasing, continuous interaction with technology. As parents, it would be worthwhile at this juncture to think about this.

In this fast- changing, fast- paced, busy world, parents and children alike are presented with a relentless daily onslaught of challenges, some of which, though ordinary, seem extraordinarily unsurmountable and defy all known methods of resolution. Solutionswhich are tried and tested suddenly seem to make little headway and at times appear woefully outdated.

In this context would it be beneficial for us to continue headlong into this parenting journey along the same lines as our parents did? Or is it time for us to take a relook at newly emerging, hitherto unexpected problems and then to think of a fresh approach to resolving them? In other words do we need to undo and relearn, or even enhance our skills at parenting which would make us more effective as parents?

Looking at the evolving scenario across the world and having interacted with several people including academia, my own answer to this is a resounding yes!

I can say this with conviction as, during my personal journey which led me to train as a parent-coach, and even during and after that, I have encountered innumerable conflict situations between parents and children of various age groups which failed to resolve adequately when usual parenting techniques were used but showed definite breakthroughs when scientific techniques were applied. In other words parenting education has proved itself to be a necessity.

Welcome to new – age parenting where via a well-designed curriculum, one can enhance the art of being a parent to children of all age groups.

Parenting education addresses and attempts to seriously decode some of the pressing issues that parents face today, and also tries to provide practical solutions in a scientific manner guided by research.

As with all things, when practised regularly, this could make the ongoing parenting journey/experience, a little easier, a little more joyous and a little more rewarding to all concerned.

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